This unusual photograph is a solargraph. It was taken without a lens. The camera was actually just a coffee can with a pinhole in one side. The exposure lasted six months from December 20, 2008, to June 21, 2009. The curving streaks above show the path of the Sun as it crossed the sky during the six month exposure. In the middle distance is Keppel Henge. During the spring months of the exposure parts of the field nearby the camera flooded, and the Sun's reflection in the water can be seen below. Gaps in the Sun's path were caused by cloudy days. The lowest altitude curve was made near the winter solstice.

The solargraph camera was attached to the trunk of an old apple tree, and during the six months it was exposed to freezing rain, snow, thunderstorms and -30 to plus 30C temperatures. The negative in the camera was a 5x8 inch piece of black and white photo paper, which, curiously, produced this colour image.

This photograph was featured on the Astronomy Magazine home page.

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