The Gate

This wooden gate, created by Bill Loney, opens out into the field where Keppel Henge is located.

The North Star Stone

The two photos below show the North Star Stone in daylight and at night. The stone is about four feet high and is located south of the Pointer Stone. The photo of the Henge layout on the Home page shows its location. The photo at left shows the deep notch that has been chiselled into the stone. The Pointer Stone is in the background. By sighting through the notch after dark, you can see the North Star spending the night just above the Pointer Stone! The time-exposure on the right shows what it looks like.

A time-exposure of star trails over all of Keppel Henge is available on Steve's Astro Photography website.

The North Star Stone Stars above Keppel Henge

Digging the ditch and mound

A ditch and mound structure encircles the stones. The diameter of this feature is about 80 feet. It is the ditch and mound structure which defines Keppel Henge as a true henge. A walkway across the ditch and mound gives access to the central stones.

Mid winter sunrise

This is a mid winter photo of the site taken shortly after sunrise. The temperature was minus 20° C. The shadow of the Pointer Stone is crossing the Winter Sunrise Stone (second from the left). This photo was taken one morning when collecting an image for The Analemma Project.

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