Winter arrives at Keppel Henge!

The two photos below show what it looks like at the Henge site on the first day of winter. Steve points to the Pointer Stone's shadow as it transits the Winter Solstice Megalith.

The photo on the right shows the alignment of the Pointer Stone's shadow when the sun is exactly south of Keppel Henge. The stones from left to right are: Pointer Stone, Summer Solstice Stone, Equinox Stone, and Winter Solstice Megalith.

The Winter Solstice Megalith Winter Solstice

The candle lit pathway

On New Year's Eve, 1999, we had a special gathering at Keppel Henge. The snowy, winding pathway out to the henge site was lit with candles.

Fireworks at Keppel Henge Bonfire at Keppel Henge

About 100 people arrived on New Year's Eve to celebrate the coming of the new millennium and to take part in the dedication ceremony for Keppel Henge. We lit a large bonfire next to the henge, and the megaliths themselves were illuminated by the soft light of candles at their bases. Bill and Steve spoke briefly about the construction of Keppel Henge and thanked everyone present for their help in making the project a reality. A poem was read and a choral piece was sung, both written for the dedication event. At midnight the air was filled with the sounds of fireworks and popping champagne corks!

Please check Page Three of the Keppel Henge web site for photos of spring and summer's arrival!

Keppel Henge at night

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