Twilight at Keppel Henge

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The idea for this project began early in 1998 when two friends, Steve Irvine and Bill Loney were trying to think of some way to mark the year 2000. Gradually, we (Steve and Bill) developed the idea of a large stone circle, or henge.

It would be something substantial that future generations could enjoy and it would also be an exciting project that could have historical, astronomical, sculptural, and spiritual references.

Bill had a perfect location for the henge. He and his wife Dawn own Keppel Croft Farm and Gardens, one of Canada's most remarkable private gardens. It was Canada's Grand Prize winning Garden of the Year for 1996 and has been featured in magazines as far away as New Zealand and Japan. Just south of the main garden is a large, open field that is used for grazing sheep. The field is flat and has good views of the horizon. It is located next to Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.

The design we developed has a tall, central stone of granite which casts its shadow on large limestone megaliths at different times of the year: vernal equinox, summer solstice, autumnal equinox and winter solstice.

Sunrise at Keppel Henge

Facing south-east, a late autumn sunrise at Keppel Henge.

The layout of Keppel Henge

This image was taken on the first day of summer, in the evening and the view is to the southwest. The central Pointer Stone (letter f) stands about 11 feet tall and the diameter of the stone circle is about 45 feet. The site is located at roughly 44° 47'N Lat. and 80° 56'W Long.

Here are the names of the stones: a) The Summer Sunset Stone, b) The Equinox Sunset Stone, c) The Transit Stone, d) The Winter Sunset Stone, e) The North Star Stone, f) The Pointer Stone, g) The Summer Solstice Stone, h) The Summer Sunrise Stone, i) The Equinox Stone, j) The Equinox Sunrise Stone, k) The Winter Solstice Stone, l) The Winter Sunrise Stone.

Stones c, e, f, g, i, and k are on a north-south alignment. Stones b, f, and j are on an east-west alignment.

Placing the megaliths

A brief history — In late October of 1999 our megaliths arrived from the quarry, located over 25 km away. The limestone block being lifted here weighs in at about two tonnes. In all, we unloaded six of these large stones plus seven smaller stones, which completed the main part of the stone circle. Each megalith was carefully finessed into place. A small pit was dug before hand for each stone. The hydraulic lift gently lowered each stone as final adjustments were made for proper alignment. The area around the base of the stone was then backfilled. Each megalith has a smooth, cut surface which faces into the central pointing stone. Next we installed the smaller stones on the north to south alignment. We also installed four other smaller stones which are on an east to west alignment to mark the sunrise and sunset on the equinox.

There was a lot of interest in the Keppel Henge project from the beginning and people wanted to participate somehow. We started to offer memberships and the fees collected have been used to issue a newsletter to keep everyone informed. The fees also helped with the purchase of the stones from the quarry and for ongoing development of the site.

The building of Keppel Henge was completed in the summer of 2000 with the construction of an 80 foot diameter ditch and mound structure which encircles the megaliths. In 2001, a large analemmatic sundial was created in the field next to the henge.

A misty morn at Keppel Henge

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