Double walled bowl with gold
This double walled bowl has a diameter of 27.5 cm and stands 7.5 cm high. The outer wall has a bronzy, metallic glaze and the inner bowl part has several layers of 23k gold leaf over the texture. This bowl is featured in the book, Image Transfer on Clay.

Double walled bowl with gold detail
This detail shows the gold on the bowl's texture, a stamped and carved design. My Gold Leaf page has several examples of works in gold, plus a how-to section on gold leaf application.

Jar with gold studs
This thrown and handbuilt jar stands about 33 cm tall. The base of the piece was altered after throwing to make it square and feet were added to the corners. The small gold leaf studs on the scored surface look a bit like rivets. There are more images of pieces like this on my Hand built page.

Jar with sections
This jar was made with a combination of wheel throwing and handbuilding.

The main body part was thrown on the wheel and then altered to have an oval shape. Small feet were added to give a lighter look. The oval form was carefully cut on an angle, and then each cut section was flipped left to right to give movement to the form from top to base.

It was fired to cone 10 reduction and it's about 49 cm tall. It has an apple wood ash glaze over top of an iron red glaze. There is a great deal of variation in the thickness of the two glazes, and they show varying degrees of colour and glaze flow as a result. There was some additional brush work in cobalt and iron to give a bit of a pattern. The inside of the jar has a kaki type feldspathic glaze.
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