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cone 6 jar
April 2021
It has been over year since I did the final firing in my old high fire reduction kiln after 46 years of use, and started a new chapter in my career with mid-range firings in an electric kiln. The past year has been one of exploration of new forms, techniques, and glaze colours. I'm quite excited by the new possibilities developing, and look forward to the days ahead in the studio.

I call this piece, Energy Transfer Jar. It was coated with a vitreous black slip at the leather hard stage, and the pod shapes were carved with a v-tipped tool. Once it had dried completely the finer line was made with a diamond tipped stylus. The fine line is one continuous closed curve that doesn't cross itself. It divides the surface into two sections. After the bisque firing different colour glazes were inlayed into the pod pattern, and it was fired to cone six.

Spring is well underway here now, with lots of sightings everyday of new growth, and bird arrivals. With the current situation of self-isolation, my wife and I are taking long walks along our rural roads, and creating at home. All the best to everyone for happy, healthy days!

I have frequent updates about my work on Instagram.

I recently had a conversation with Paul Blais for his podcast The Potters Cast. We talked about my life as a potter, and the joy of new challenges. Here is a link to the podcast interview.

See you next month! Keep well!

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