News from around the studio

cone 6 vase
July 2021
A large vase that came out of my kiln at the recently. I was happy with the way it turned out, and plan to follow up on this glazing technique. It involves painting a black vitreous slip on a freshly made leather hard pot, and then incising the surface through the slip to make a pattern. After bisque firing the glazes are painted into the texture, and then carefully wiped off the high points with a damp sponge.

I've been getting some good test glaze results recently from my cone six firings. New surfaces and colours of test glazes can often suggest new forms to try. It's interesting how the creative process works sometimes with a back and forth development of ideas.

Summer weather has made a welcome return to our part of the world. With the current Covid situation, my wife and I are taking long walks along our rural roads, and creating at home. We are both fully vaccinated now, and look forward getting together again with our friends and community before long. All the best to everyone for happy, healthy days!

I have frequent updates about my work on Instagram.

I had a conversation last year with Paul Blais for his podcast The Potters Cast. We talked about my life as a potter, and the joy of new challenges. Here is a link to the podcast interview.

See you next month! Keep well!

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