News from around the studio

working by flashlight
November 2021
This is a recently completed piece which incorporates two different types of pattern. The upper section has an improvised pattern with a continuous line, which never crosses itself. As such, it divides the surface into just two sections; inside and outside the line. The lower section of the piece has a non-repeating tile pattern made from two rhombus elements.

This work was made through a combination of wheel throwing and hand building. The pattern was made with the sgraffito technique through a black vitreous slip. Cone 6 oxidation.

Autumn leaves have mostly fallen now, and the landscape is transitioning to winter. My wife and I go for walks every day, and it's a pleasure to see the changes in nature take place throughout the year.

I have frequent updates about my work on Instagram. While there, please have a look at my Instagram photography page as well, @within2km

I had a conversation last year with Paul Blais for his podcast The Potters Cast. We talked about my life as a potter, and the joy of new challenges. Here is a link to the podcast interview.

See you next month! Keep well!

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