This is a short list of web links that you might find interesting. Most relate in some way to pottery or craft in general. There are a couple of others that have just been tossed in for fun.
Joan Irvine: The Pop-Up Lady This is my wife Joan's award winning web site. Joan is a teacher, artist, and children's book author. Her web site is about her books on how to make pop-up cards. Her books have been published around the world in several languages. Joan's site includes a page showing how to make a simple pop-up card.

Thearter Clouds This is my daughter, Elly MacKay's Etsy site, where her beautiful artwork is available for sale.

Owen Sound Artists' Co-op I have been a member of the Artists' Co-op since it started in 1994. This large web site has artist profiles, a how-to page, a contest, a featured artist, and much more. My profile page can be found here.

Keppel Henge This site is about a millennium project a friend and I completed. We created a stone circle about 80 feet in diameter near Georgian Bay, Ontario. We used about 25 tonnes of limestone megaliths. The sun's shadow falls on different stones throughout the year marking the seasons. The site has some sub-sections: The Analemma Project describes a one year project I undertook to capture an analemma on film above the henge, and The Analemmatic Sundial shows a 6 meter wide sundial we built next to the henge.

Pinhole Camera Photography One of my interests outside of pottery is pinhole camera photography. This site features some of my photos, plus information about pinhole cameras.

Astro Photography Another interest is astro photography. This site features some favourite photos that I've taken over the past ten years. Most are aurora photos, plus some other subjects.

Keppel Croft This web site is about an amazing garden created by my friends Bill and Dawn Loney. It is also where Keppel Henge is located.

Makers Gallery This site is worth a visit on two counts. Makers Gallery features the web sites of several accomplished artists, craftspeople and authors. It is also worth visiting if you are at all interested in first rate web page design. The web master for Makers Gallery, Andrew Goss, has designed all of the sites with just the right combination of efficiency and elegance.

The Pottery Supply House I have been buying my supplies from PSH for over 30 years. They are located in Oakville, Ontario.

Plainsman Clay The stoneware clay body that I use is called Plainsman H431. I've been using it for all of my work since 1974. The company Plainsman Clay is located in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association For many years, FUSION has been the foremost organization in Ontario for potters and glass artists.

The Ontario Crafts Council This site is a good resource of information about what is going on in Ontario Craft.

Smith's Apples My friends Micki and Steve Smith grow the best (yes, the best) apples in Ontario at their pick your own farm.

Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery This is our regional public art gallery, located in Owen Sound. It has a fine collection of 20th century Canadian painting, especially Tom Thomson's work. It also hosts and organizes an ongoing rotation of exhibitions featuring innovative new work by contemporary artists.

Geocaching This is fun. Something to do when I'm on the road delivering work.

Creative Unblock! Key in a word and generate a sentence that is inspiring and/or mystifying!

Phoons I'm actually a contributor to this, um... unique site.

It seems like every web page should have at least one photo — even a links page!
This hand built tea bowl has an apple wood ash glaze that picks up the texture of a stamped pattern. This tea bowl was fired to cone 10 reduction and it is 8.5 cm tall and 14.5 cm wide. It was made in 2006.
There are more tea bowls on my 5 Tea bowls page.
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