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Star Trails Fireflies Pond

Star Trails, Fireflies, and a Pond, June 21, 2010. Just as the twilight was fading from the western sky, I set up my camera at the edge of a pond near my home, and started a time-lapse sequence that lasted just over an hour. This is firefly season where I live, and the photograph shows the activity that took place during the hour. The greenish-yellow dots and streaks are the random flashes of the perching and flying fireflies.

During the time-lapse sequence the movement of the stars made trails in the image. The very bright trail to the right was made by the planet Venus as it set behind thin clouds. The pale orange trail to the upper left is Mars. A waxing gibbous Moon high in the sky behind me gave a soft light to the scene.

This photograph was published in the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, October 2010 edition.

A year earlier I made a similar photograph from in front of my home.

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