Steve Irvine
Welcome to my web site.

I started making pottery 52 years ago, and I've been earning my living as a full-time potter for the past 46 years.

The work that I make is mostly one of a kind stoneware. I prefer to let forms and surfaces develop and evolve from firingto firing. I hope you'll find some interesting images and informative text.

stoneware vase
I like a lively, colourful surface on my work and I spend a fair bit of time doing glaze research to find new, interesting glazes to work with.

This stoneware vase has cobalt glazes with a darker cobalt glaze to accent the floral pattern. An over glaze in wood ash gives some additional movement and interest to the surface. The vase was fired to cone ten, and stands about 33 cm tall.

Lidded Jar
A lidded square jar with a black glaze, and post firing applications of 23K gold leaf, and aluminum leaf. Stoneware, it stands about 35 cm tall.

stoneware vase
This stoneware vase has a saturated iron temmoku glaze, with a slip trailed pattern in chrome green. I like the subtle shifts of colour and surface in the iron glaze that happen during the firing.

Lidded Jar
This stoneware vase was made through a combination of altered thrown parts, and hand building. The pattern was made by carving through a vitreous black slip on the surface.
Steve Irvine
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